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Dive into elite, small-group coaching with just 8 per cohort, focused on supercharging your business. I’m here to offer bespoke, hands-on guidance to refine your marketing strategies and hit your growth targets. It’s business coaching reimagined—with a marketing lens. Together, we’ll unlock practical insights, keep your approach on-point, and transform your potential into performance. Let’s collaborate, learn from each other, and drive your business forward. Join now and let’s achieve greatness together.

Elevate your business with expert guidance tailored to your success!⚡

While there are coaches for business growth and financial directors for your finances, where is the marketing support?

Enter the Pink Elephant Media School of Marketing, led by industry expert Henny. We’re here to guide you through the maze and lead you to success.

The Solution:

The School of Marketing

Why join our community?

That’s precisely where the power of the Marketing Cohort shines. It’s not just about individual learning; it’s about community growth. Here, you’re not just a participant; you become part of a supportive network.

These groups are potent because it delivers two-fold advantages: insightful external viewpoints on your business and the discovery of new strategies in every session to propel your business forward.

Plus, we demystify the often-guarded secrets of marketing, equipping you with skills usually kept behind agency doors.

Expert Guidance

Learn from seasoned marketing professionals and guest speakers who’ve been where you are and have made it to the top.

Actionable Strategies

Each month brings a new, actionable tip that you can implement immediately to see tangible results.

Community and Support

Join a vibrant community of like-minded professionals, sharing insights and growing together. A chance to bounce ideas off each other and foster a helping attitude.

Flexible Learning

Access our resources anytime, anywhere, fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule.


Each session will end with a clinic for you to have a chance to have us diagnose why something might not be working for you and how to fix it.

Who is it for?

Marketing Managers

Business Owners

Business Development Managers

Sales Managers


Have any concerns?
Well let us address them!

Fear of Wasted Effort

After investing time and resources into business coaching or various courses, the fear that this new endeavour might yield similar unfulfilled promises is valid. However, our cohort is designed to break this cycle by providing hands-on, actionable advice that’s been proven effective for hundreds in your local community.

Anxiety Over Implementation

The concern that you won’t be able to apply what you learn is understandable. Our marketing cohort is structured around not just learning but doing. With workshops focused on practical application, from audience targeting to SEO, we ensure you leave each session with actionable steps tailored to your business.

Doubt About Personal Relevance

You might worry whether the strategies discussed will be applicable to your unique business needs. Our small group setting of just six allows for personalised attention, ensuring that the strategies you learn are not only relevant but directly applicable to your business. You will also have the chance to hang behind and ask relevant questions to Henny about your business

Concerns About Cost vs. Value

At £150 per person per month, the investment might seem significant. However, consider the value of acquiring skills that could exponentially increase your leads, sales, and overall business growth. The cohort offers more than just advice; it provides a roadmap to transform your marketing approach effectively as well as ensuring that you stick to your marketing outcomes.

Why This Marketing Cohort Is Different:

Community and Support

You’re not just signing up for a course; you’re joining a network. This community aspect provides a unique blend of support, accountability, and shared wisdom that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Direct Access to Expertise

Led by Henny, whose experience and success in scaling businesses speak for themselves, you gain insights that are both broad in scope and deeply nuanced.

Monthly Marketing Clinic

Have your burning marketing questions answered in our monthly clinic, ensuring you’re not just receiving general advice but solutions tailored to your specific challenges. We will also have a range of guest speakers in to give you more actionable insights to help your business grow.

Don’t just take our word for it:

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