Say goodbye to the Blame Game and start working with Pink Elephant Media 🐘

We know how tiring it becomes when your website underperforms – with sales teams grumbling at marketing, marketing departments giving the side-eye to PPC professionals, and web agencies washing their hands of all responsibility. Let’s put the brakes on that shall we?

At Pink Elephant Media, we do things differently! Once your website is launched, our commitment to your success doesn’t end. Instead, we continue to work diligently alongside your team to ensure you hit your goals.

So what’s the promise?

Tailored Marketing Strategy

Right from the start, we think about how you’ll use your website for marketing. Then we help you craft a strategy that ensures your website and marketing efforts are perfectly in sync with your unique goals. This approach is designed to create a seamless and effective online presence that truly represents and achieves your business objectives.

Killer Offer Creation

It doesn’t matter how good your outreach is if you don’t have the right offer. We have developed a framework to help you create an offer that doesn’t look vanilla – rather it helps you stand out – and ensures your message resonates effectively with your target audience.

Leads Identification

Whether it’s through LinkedIn, Google Maps data extraction or affiliate networks, we specialise in not only finding your ideal leads but also ensuring that you’re communicating with them in the most effective way, tailored to their preferences and needs.

Quarterly Growth Planning

Join us in strategic planning every quarter, setting actionable goals for the next 90 days, ensuring your website and business are on a trajectory of sustained growth.

Sales Funnels Setup & Insightful Tracking

After completing your quarterly monthly planning, we will guide you in our workshop to set up sales funnels using decision diagonals, focusing on securing micro commitments and streamlining your sales process. Following this, we’ll assist in establishing robust tracking and tracing systems to monitor and optimise these funnels.

Data-Driven Decisions

We collaborate closely with you and your team to make data-driven decisions, mapping customer journeys and implementing intelligent sales funnels for precise tracking and informed business strategies. This means no more guesswork on what is working and what is not.

CRM Setup & Segmentation

We will guide you through setting up and segmenting your CRM effectively, ensuring personalised marketing, efficient resource allocation and enhanced customer engagement for optimal business growth.

Team Empowerment

Your team will have access to all our events free of charge from LinkedIn Lead Gen, to building automated sales funnels to arm them with the skills required for effective marketing strategy implementation. We’ve partnered with some of Gloucestershire’s top delivery partners who not only augment our services but also provide invaluable free training to our clients, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Bundled services, unbeatable price!

All these premium services are bundled with our hosting package for just £75 per month! Our website packages are affordably priced, starting at £2.5k, with the option to spread the cost over 10 comfortable months.

Our Contract 🌟

Our services under our ‘Pink-E Promise’ are on a consultative basis only. Any extra work identified during strategy sessions may incur additional costs not covered in the initial hosting fee.

Your commitment is crucial for success. This isn’t a quick fix; it’s a collaborative effort. Extra tasks, like branding or additional tracking, are carried out by us at £75+VAT per hour. Typically, businesses invest an additional £300-£600 annually with us for these services.

Remember, optimal results depend on your active involvement. Without your engagement and effort, the results may not reach their full potential.

Excited? Let’s Talk! 🌐

Curious about our ‘Pink-E Promise’? We can’t wait to discuss how this fantastic offer can be a game-changer for your business! Have questions? Drop us a message. Your journey to a powerful online presence, free of blame games, starts with Pink Elephant Media!

What our clients say 💬

Curious about what our clients think? Check out their firsthand experiences of PEM. Nothing but honest opinions and stories about our digital services. Based in Cirencester, we are a local company that cares about your website.

”Pink Elephant have done a fantastic job for our business both in developing our website to ensure it is maximised to increase our presence online, but with ongoing web and marketing support.”

Alastair James Insurance Brokers

“I decided it was time to upgrade my company website and approaching Pink Elephant Media was a good move. Our online presence has improved, but most importantly so has our sales! Our company is expecting further growth in the next 12 months and I feel we are in good hands with this team to achieve this.”

Rich Morris – Glos Gardens

“Pink Elephant have been brilliant since I moved my website and emails to them. The website is so much quicker and I get the much needed support from Henny and the team which was lacking with my previous host. They are really helpful, friendly, quick to respond and would highly recommend working with them.”

Hayley Burdett Bays Kitchen

“The team at Pink Elephant Media transformed our approach to landing pages. Their audit service pinpointed exactly where we were going wrong, and their hands-on training session was filled with actionable insights. A great investment for any digital marketer.”

Richard Morris, Glos Gardens

“Just a simple consultation with Pink Elephant Media highlighted a number of issues with our website that we had been trying to uncover for months. Their in-depth analysis has given us all the detail we need to help us solve our SEO issues. Thank you.”

Mike Frith, Oscar

“Working with PEM was a masssive boost. We have managed to slash our customer aquistion costs by about 30% and increase our profits by over 200%.”

Doborah Bowen, Creature Comforts

“Overall – fantastic course that has dramatically enhanced my knowledge, skills and understanding of Digital Marketing. Great delivery and lots of actionable points.”


“A root and branch review of our web presence which was insightful, thorough and beyond our expectations. Energetic and friendly, Pink Elephant offer a powerful service to their clients.”

Adrian Moss

“Henny has worked with us here at the Growth Hub as a speaker for numerous years, running several topics as workshops and 1-2-1 sessions for ambitious Gloucestershire SMEs. We cannot recommend Henny enough!”

Growth Hub

“My first personal interaction with Henny and Pink Elephant Media, it was a very good and informative experience. I learned a raft of things and will explore working with them further.”

Paul Carter, A la Carte Packaging Solutions

“I attended the Pink Elephant Media workshops, they are amazing! The workshops are really informative, the information is really easy to understand and Henny is great! Thank you for your help and guidance!”

Aimee Freeman, Stroud Brewery