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Trapped in the Marketing Maze?🌪️

That is how it is for 98% of clients before PEM Sales Funnel Supercharge – Let’s break free

You start each month in a frenzied dash to roll out marketing initiatives. It’s like tossing darts blindfolded and hoping to hit the bullseye. A hastily written blog post, a flashy new ad, last-minute updates on multiple social media platforms and an impulsive email campaign to top it off.

And just like that – month’s end is staring you down. Still falling short of your KPIs? “We need more leads! Ramp up the traffic!” you exclaim, only to be met with weary faces – your team sailing rudderless in the choppy waters of fluctuating revenue streams.

In the world of business, unpredictability is often the only guarantee. Your fuel tank of hope, determination and sheer willpower is nearing empty. The worst part? Your efforts reset to square one as a new month looms. So how do you break this relentless cycle?

It’s time to dominate, not just compete 🥊

Picture this: A meticulously detailed playbook designed just for you, outlining the exact strategies, tactics and assets you need to construct a dependable, scalable revenue engine. No more smoke and mirrors, no hard sells and certainly no ambiguous agency contracts – just straightforward, actionable strategies tailored for your business’s exponential growth.

Unlock the power of your sales funnel! 🌟

A sales funnel serves a dual purpose: it helps you identify potential leaks in your customer journey while also pinpointing opportunities to create gains by securing micro-commitments from your client base. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

Let’s see if you are ready 👀

Feel like you’ve got all the puzzle pieces but can’t see the big picture? You need a master plan.

Tired of the rollercoaster of erratic profits and losses? Seek a smooth, scaling journey.

Done chasing the latest marketing gimmicks and temporary solutions? Time to go pro and elevate your game.

Believe you outclass your competition but can’t seem to communicate that? Your messaging needs a makeover.

Satisfied with merely meeting the bare minimum in marketing? Aim to be the ruler of your industry.

How does it work? 💼

Our plan lays out a roadmap to identify untapped lead sources, increase conversions and maximise customer lifetime value 📈

The outcome? Your cost to acquire a new lead can be lowered 📉, enabling you to scale your enterprise sustainably 📈

Ready to level up conversions, explore new avenues and take control of your game? 🚀

PEM Funnel Systems:
Where the magic happens 🪄

Listen up! Anyone can mimic your product, maybe even slap on a cheap knock-off label. But your funnel? That’s a masterpiece they can’t replicate. The PX Funnel System is like a superhero cape for your business, built on the four rock-solid pillars that’ll turbocharge your marketing. It’s not just a strategy; it’s your secret sauce! With the PEM Funnel System in your corner, expect the unexpected: a surge of success, belly laughs and competitors scratching their heads, wishing they had a slice of your pie!🔥

Mind-Reading Magic

No more playing darts blindfolded. We’re diving deep into your dream client’s noggin (but in a non-creepy way, promise). This means? On-point messaging that’s as irresistible as free cake at a party. Outcome? More cash ringing in and fewer “Maybe later’s”.

Stand Out, Don’t Stand Still!

Be the neon sign in a dim alley. We jazz up your message so you’re not just another face in the crowd, but the life of the party. The prize? Raving fans, loyal followers, and a line of customers singing, “Shut up and take my money!”

Killer Offers So Good, They’ll Feel Spoilt

We’re talking golden-ticket, VIP-pass, roll-out-the-red-carpet offers. The result? A traffic jam of eager clients, honking to get in first.

The “No Way, They Did That?!” Proof!

Real tales of triumph that shout “These folks are the real deal!” This translates to? Trust that’s through the roof and clients leaping in, no second thoughts.

Ready to rock the world with this? 🌍

  • Most People’s Marketing & Sales Machines 38% 38%
  • The PEM System 90% 90%

Key benefits of automated customer journeys 🗺️

Turning to an automated customer journey plays a pivotal role in changing seamless interactions into personalised engagements. Find below a few points on the operational efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction that businesses gain through this process:

Set Your Leads On Cruise Control

Craft magnetic offers and messages that are like honey to bees, pulling your dream clients right to your doorstep – no manual required.

The Ultimate Killer Offer

Stand tall and drop offers they’d be absolutely barmy to turn down. Watch your conversions shoot up anywhere from 25% to a staggering 807%.

Blast Through Your Goals

Plug into the tried-and-true PX magic potions and watch your growth soar.

Discover Fresh Client Oases

Master the art of ‘Lead Wells’ and reel in those fresh faces before your competitors even spot ’em.

Unleash Your Cash Fountains

Tweak and perfect every nook and cranny of your PX Funnel. Spot the cash levers and pull ’em hard!

Make Competitors Eat Your Dust

Craft a fortress around your brand, rise above the ordinary, and watch your competitors squint from way back in your rearview mirror.

Squeeze Every Drop From Your Traffic

Traffic without conversions? That’s like a party without tunes. Max out those leads without splashing more on ads.

A Rush Of Top-Tier Leads

Leverage sly ‘Pre-suasion’ tactics to amp up your close rates and fatten that bottom line.

Become The Client Whisperer

Dive deep into the psyche of your buyers. Join their internal natter, persuade en masse, and get them chanting, “Take my money!”

Secure your FREE 30-min PEM funnel consultation 🔒

Plus, receive 3 bonus conversion tactics for increased lead generation

Engage directly with one of our founders to pinpoint where your marketing focus should be. Rest assured, there are no pushy sales tactics here – just genuine, expert advice. Together, we’ll identify 3 promising growth strategies and map out your acquisition PX Plan, all complimentary.

You might wonder why we’re offering this for free. It’s simple. We’re selective about our partnerships. We’re not a mass-market agency; we take a hands-on approach with every client. And if it’s not the right fit, we’ll be upfront about it.

During your 30-minute session, you’ll discover:

How to craft your optimal offer to attract quality leads

3 conversion strategies to enhance your results quickly

Strategies to uncover new customer segments and build an efficient lead pipeline

Insights into structuring your PX Funnel System to scale your marketing efforts

What our clients say 💬

Curious about what our clients think? Check out their firsthand experiences of PEM. Nothing but honest opinions and stories about our digital services. Based in Cirencester, we are a local company that cares about your website.

“The team at Pink Elephant Media transformed our approach to landing pages. Their audit service pinpointed exactly where we were going wrong, and their hands-on training session was filled with actionable insights. A great investment for any digital marketer.”

Richard Morris, Glos Gardens

“Just a simple consultation with Pink Elephant Media highlighted a number of issues with our website that we had been trying to uncover for months. Their in-depth analysis has given us all the detail we need to help us solve our SEO issues. Thank you.”

Mike Frith, Oscar

“Working with PEM was a masssive boost. We have managed to slash our customer aquistion costs by about 30% and increase our profits by over 200%.”

Doborah Bowen, Creature Comforts

“Overall – fantastic course that has dramatically enhanced my knowledge, skills and understanding of Digital Marketing. Great delivery and lots of actionable points.


“A root and branch review of our web presence which was insightful, thorough and beyond our expectations. Energetic and friendly, Pink Elephant offer a powerful service to their clients.”

Adrian Moss

“Henny has worked with us here at the Growth Hub as a speaker for numerous years, running several topics as workshops and 1-2-1 sessions for ambitious Gloucestershire SMEs. We cannot recommend Henny enough!”

Growth Hub

“My first personal interaction with Henny and Pink Elephant Media, it was a very good and informative experience. I learned a raft of things and will explore working with them further.”

Paul Carter, A la Carte Packaging Solutions

“I attended the Pink Elephant Media workshops, they are amazing! The workshops are really informative, the information is really easy to understand and Henny is great! Thank you for your help and guidance!”

Aimee Freeman, Stroud Brewery