Do you feel overwhelmed by deciding how to grow and promote your business?

Every time you look online you are bombarded with new tactics and strategies from “gurus” showing you how to use automation tactics or who have new shiny new courses that make big promises, often delivering few results.  At Pink Elephant Media, we know that unless you have proven sales funnels and the infrastructure built into your website to support it, you can very quickly lose thousands of pounds and this can put businesses at risk.  Pink Elephant Media have designed these courses to put the power into your hands by showing you the exact tactics used by Pink Elephant Media and other agencies to help businesses grow.  These tactics will help you understand how you can use your website to generate well-executed lead generation strategies, understand how you can use competitive intelligence to out rank the completion as well as showing you how you can use your website to dominate in your market place by increasing sales and leads.  No jargon, No upsells, No fake guru’s just honest marketing tactics at an honest price.  Oh and if your one of our website clients you get it FREE of charge.


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Introduction to Growth Hacking

The Digital Leadership Academy in Allegance with Pink Elephant Media - Hosted by The Growth Hub
It's time to Build Back Better. But how?
In the last year chances are you had to move your business online, you relied on social media and newsletters to talk to your audience, and your website was more important than ever. But it's likely you also wondered how your competitors are doing, if you were missing some tricks when it came to digital marketing, and if your strategy was right. This introduction to Growth Hacking will talk to you about what it means to you and your business and how you can use it to scale.

Our Step-by-step guide to creating a successful website

As business, we make decisions every day that influence how successful your business will end up being.  Did you know that what platform you choose to build your website on can make or break the success of your line presence and those that really plan their website are twice as likely to see a large increase in sales? You have 0-8 seconds to get a prospect visiting your site to take notice. After 8 seconds, the majority of visitors leave.
Approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy. We make business decisions every day


Beat Your Competitors Online

Ever wondered why your competitors are doing so well? Or what it will take to beat your competitors on line? Do you want to grow your company ridiculously fast? Have you ever wondered what your competitors were doing online to achieve success? How their traffic was being generated? Henny Maltby, specialist in Growth Marketing techniques, will show you how your competitors are generating their online traffic and how to position yourself in front of their audience as a more attractive prospect.


Adding Google Analytics 4 to WordPress Website 2020 using Google Tag Manager

Adding Google Analytics 4 to WordPress Website 2020 using Google Tag Manager to obtain in-depth analytic information on your website. This tutorial will take you through how to install the correct codes to ensure Google Analytics is working on your website.


How to Launch Your Business On Youtube

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and owned by the largest.

YouTube is home to more than 2 billion users worldwide and drives more than 30 million daily visits, making it a great platform for small businesses looking to market with video content.
Have you been sucked into hours on Youtube, well you are not alone and now more than ever businesses are utilising this platform to drive targeted traffic to their website.


SEO Training Course

Want something? Where do you go?

Google, Bing, Yahoo?

When your business ranks as the first result on Google, 33% of people will click on your website.


Because Google’s algorithms have analysed your website using hundreds of different variables and considers your page as the best choice for solving your target audiences’ queries and questions.

Learn How to Achieve Sustainable Organic Traffic Growth with our beginner to expert SEO Training Course


How to Optimise Google My Business

Lets face it - Google dominates search.  By not investing your time into all of Googles free tools you could be leaving money on the table, and Google My Business (GMB) is no different.

Google My Business indexes the content you provide for consistency across Google Search and Maps (Google Local Guides can also review and edit your listings for consistency).

So when your customers search for you, it will be waiting for them.  When used correctly Google My Business is a powerful tool that can increase sales and review.

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Use my Woocommerce Website

Want to know how you can use your new website to its full advantage. The below course takes you through all the tools your website has on how to increase sales and understand your marketing. What plugins to use and more.


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Use my wordpress website (brochure website B2B)

Want to know how you can use your new website to its full advantage. The below course takes you through the basics of getting to grips with your websites from editing images to how to increase sales and leads with your website


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On-boarding | Building Your New Website

Your website should be more than just a signpost to send your business to. Your website should be able to identify where traffic is coming from, what your clients are interested in and turn those visitors into customers. This guide is to help our clients understand the process and how they can get the most out of their website pages.